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Blossom Boutique Florist & Flower Delivery is a florist in New Castle PA. How to Make Floral Arrangements. Floral Ornaments for Plants and Gift Baskets. In our first articles, we introduced you to the roots of the industry of floristry. Then, we talked about the aspects of floral arrangement, concentrating on the use of color and design. Now, we're going to discuss the specifics of creating floral arrangements. For this two-part series, we discuss the do's and do n'ts of flower arrangement. We'll find out how to use different containers and basic styles for various occasions. In Part 1, we gave you simple step-by-step guides for typical arrangements. This involved container selection and creating designs based on the patrons' needs. We helped you learn how to make floral arrangements for any container. In this second part, we discuss more about crafting floral arrangements for any celebration. Read ahead for in-depth guides to using flowers as a classy addition for any occasion. Learn more about wedding arrangements, bridal bouquets in our following article. Read ahead for advice on where to take courses on designing floral arrangements. This includes the American Institute of Floral Designers ( and the Society of American Florists ( You can also look into other similar organizations offering courses in floristry.


Call Blossom Boutique Florist & Flower Delivery the flower delivery experts in New Castle PA or surrounding areas today for your free estimate or if you have any questions, give us a call at (610)594-8830 for wonderful service.

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How to Make a Gift Basket. Whether it's for yourself, your friends, or for buyers in the holiday rush, crafting DIY baskets is fun and easy. Plus, it gives your gift a distinct, personalized touch. Here are practical steps you can follow to make your own gift basket. Select a theme. Whatever works - gardening, fruits, new house, new baby, or the holiday season. Picking a theme will make it easier to structure and craft the basket. Find a basket or container. You can't go wrong with standard wicker baskets, but you can choose virtually any container for your present. Boxes, bags, and buckets may even do the job, depending on your theme. Put filler at the bottom of the container. No matter what container you use, place layers of crumpled paper or any filler at the bottom. They'll provide a sturdy foundation before setting the gift items in. Put in and arrange your gift items. This could range from gardening supplies, to different fruits, or custom packages. Put the tallest item in the center and put in other items by height, and their weight. Stuff extra filler to keep it stable and balance out as needed. Embellish with ribbons and flowers. Put a few flowers or fresh flower arrangements, best and freshest flowers and wrap ribbons. You can place them on the handles or around the container for a pleasant aesthetic. How to Dress a Plant. It doesn't matter what plant you have and where you have it - in the office, living room, nightstand, or kitchen. There's a couple of easy and cost-efficient ways to keep them beaming and vivid in any room. We've put together a list of these useful techniques to dress up your plant and give it an instant upgrade.

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Stencil art. Readily available in local art supplies outlets, stencil is very flexible for use. Cut out a couple of templates and paste on your potted plants for an instant delicate design. Paint. One of the fastest and cost-effective ways to dress up plants. Paint is very accessible and excellent for a wide range of designs. This is also the best choice for kids who want to help you out! Lace. Give your pots an instant sophisticated look with lace wrapped around it! Paste with care at the borders to avoid unwanted stickiness and a tidy, delicate look. There's a ton of other materials you can use to dress up your potted plants. Some, you can even find around your place! These include your ordinary burlap, spare cloth from old clothes and socks. You could even work with scarves, bracelets, and even your little ones' cute artwork. Cut them up to a fitting length and wrap them around your pots with glue or twine string. Enjoy customized pot designs!

Introduction to Floral Arrangements. Styles, Elements and Principles of Floral Design. For this series, we will go over the basic elements of creating floral arrangements. We'll also dive into the features of designing and putting together flower arrangements. In Part 1, we talked about the know-hows in processing, storing, and maintaining flowers. In Part 2, we went into the standard flowers and plants used for decor. We also tackled how-tos in crafting beautiful arrangements in an effective way. Here in Part 3, we'll put together everything we learned into a simple and useful guide. We'll explore the origins of floral design all the way to modern forms today. As budding florists, you'll get everything you need to know right here! Interested in programs on designing floral arrangements? We recommend schools like the American Institute of Floral Designers ( We also encourage you to check out the Society of American Florists ( Three Principal Styles of Floral Design. Various styles of floral design came about from different cultures around the world. Many florists continue to practice these traditions in fresh and relevant ways. The first key style of floral design is the Oriental style. It focuses on the lines of the arrangement, fresh fragrant flowers, quality flowers, funeral flowers, flower gift basket. It pursues harmony and balance in blending flowers and foliage. Next is the traditional or Western style. It highlights the look and use of flowers as a whole. It tends towards uneven forms that still spur rhythm and creativity. Coming in last is the modern floral style. It ensued as a blend of Eastern and Western styles. It builds on the form and lines of the Oriental style. But it also allows florists to show their creative taste through unique design.

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Are you in the New Castle, Pennsylvania area and are looking for a business that does local flower delivery near me for day flower delivery? or same day delivery? Are you interested in having fresh flowers delivered? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in New Castle, Pennsylvania. No arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

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Elements and Principles of Floral Design. As florists, we have our choice styles. Our customers also have different tastes and needs. But for each arrangement, each florist needs to feature a few basic elements. This way, you can create top-notch bouquets that still suit your client's demands. Here is the list of important factors to keep in mind:. Design. Every design starts with developing a visual and theme. Are you going with a chic finish or a rustic appeal? Should your bouquet have a bright look or a muted one? It's important to consider these questions before building your arrangement. Proportion and Scale. These two elements come hand in hand when you plan floral arrangements. They're especially helpful when you prepare for large parties and venues. Proportion is about the relationship between the sizes of features in your design. This includes your flowers, plants, and vases. Scale refers to the positioning of your flowers in the desired space. For instance, will your arrangement serve as a centerpiece for a table or decor for the whole venue? This will help you consider if your design fits the space where you set it. Balance. This principle emphasizes the form and composition of your floral design. Whatever your desired style is, every arrangement must have a sense of balance. To achieve this, your bouquet should have an element of matching color, texture, or weight on each side. Flowers and ornaments need to balance each other well in inspired ways.


New Castle, Pennsylvania

New Castle is a city in and the county seat of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Pittsburgh, and near the Pennsylvania–Ohio border, just 18 miles (29 km) southeast of Youngstown, Ohio. New Castle, Pennsylvania coordinates at 40°59′50″N 80°20′40″W.

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